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10 liquor licences suspended in Western Cape as outlets disobey lockdown rules




10 liquor licences suspended in Western Cape as outlets disobey lockdown rules

Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz said five reports are being prepared for the Liquor Licensing Tribunal’s consideration. He warned that any liquor vendor operating during the lockdown will be eligible for a fine and may lose their license, subject to an investigation.Ten liquor licences have been suspended following 37 investigations by the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) on matters of non-compliance with the National Disaster Regulations whereby liquor traders sold alcohol during the lockdown period.


“I have requested that the WCLA ensure that any outlet which contravenes the lockdown conditions be liable for a maximum fine of up to R115,610 or have their licence revoked permanently, subject to investigation,” Fritz said.

“It has further been requested that the WCLA join the PROVJOINTS committee [and] be included in every case where liquor was sold or an arrest was made to better track the original point of sale.“I further welcome the resolution taken by PROVJOINTS on 25 March that no alcohol will be returned to any outlet after paying an admission of guilt fine,” he said.

According to Fritz, as per section 71 (1) of the , “the Liquor Licensing Tribunal may grant an interim order suspending a licence upon application by an inspector or a designated liquor officer if there is an imminent threat to the health, wellbeing or safety of the public”.

“I urge members of the public who are aware of the illegal sale of alcohol to immediately report such to the South African Police Service Alcohol-seized (SAPS). Any persons wanting to lodge a complaint or report a contravention of the Regulations can contact the WCLA on 021 204 9805,” he said.

Source – News365

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