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Kelly Khumalo reacts to haters after posting a crying video which went viral




Kelly Khumalo reacts to haters after posting a crying video which went viral

Kelly Khumalo has shrugged off the hate she received this week after she found herself on the Twitter trends list for an emotional video of herself asking fans to get on their knees and ask God what they should take from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the video, posted to Instagram, Kelly said she couldn’t stop crying and had been “summoned” to make the request to her fans.Kelly-Khumalo4

While some shared their concern for the star, others dragged her on social media.Kelly is no stranger to trending and when her fans tried to defend her by calling for an end to the “bullying”, she sent a stinging clap back to her haters.Kelly-Khumalo1


She said her haters can go “all the way to hell” and said it was not worth explaining herself to people who didn’t want to understand her.“Sisi, don’t waste your time explaining these things. You get it, that’s all that matters. Yeka utshani obulele buvuswe umlilo,” she told a follower.

She also went on a blocking spree, cutting off anyone who had criticized her.And in case you didn’t get the message the first few times, Kelly took to Instagram to make it clear that she is “not here to be liked”.

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